This month’s spotlight is on Elizabeth.  She has made some serious progress and has a great story.
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If you are thinking of starting CrossFit and you are feeling intimidated or reluctant or looking for motivation then please take a minute to read Elizabeth’s story.  Elizabeth was our very first member and here is our initial email exchange:
Hello Justin.  I heard about CrossFit from my cousin in Birmingham, AL.  She and her husband are CrossFit ‘addicts’.  They swear by it.  The talk about it constantly, and most impressively, they are both badasses.  I am not a badass.  In fact, I am a little terrified, but willing to get over that and give it a try.  
I guess my questions are: When are you open?  Can I come in the afternoon/evening after work?  And are you willing to work with a wimp?  I cannot do a pull-up.  I can barely do a ‘man-style’ push-up.  And I have very little stamina.  How much patience do you have?  
Let me know when y’all open.  I really do want to give it a try.
Thanks for being in touch.   ~Elizabeth
Her story is not entirely unique.  Many are not sure they will have what it takes and it is certainly not the right fit for everyone, but is always great to see those that are willing to work hard and strive to be better create the change they are seeking!
Here is another email after completing her first month:
Well………………..  I think you know that I LOVE the workouts.  CrossFit is all I think about.  I have to make myself grade papers instead of googling CrossFit junk.  And, I have certainly seen some improvement.  I’ve lost about 10 pounds and I can tell that I am getting stronger.  However, I want to get BETTER!!!  As far as anything I want to work on…. I don’t know.  I want to get better form with cleans and snatches, and ring dips… I feel like I swing too much, and I still want to get that pull up.   And after yesterday, I want toes to bar!!  
That’s probably more that you wanted to hear.  I love CrossFit.  Justin, you are an AWESOME trainer!!  This is the best thing that I’ve done for myself in a while.
Check out our Facebook videos (Be sure to “like” our page) of these two in action –> Pull Ups are not a problem!
Elizabeth has been training with us now for 3 years and her husband and younger brother are also active members.  She can do many push ups, pull ups, toes to bar, and has increased her strength and work capacity exponentially.  While she may not consider herself a badass, she is definitely no longer a wimp.  I think that she is a fantastic role model for the kids she teaches and is the kind of teacher I would like to have for my daughter. Way to go, Elizabeth!
There is no better time than now.  If you have any questions or would like to get started email [email protected].

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