Hit & Run Programs

Hit & Run programming is thought out and well constructed with one end goal in mind; to get better at CrossFit. Getting better at CrossFit improves body composition, increases strength, leads to better cardiovascular health, increases body awareness, improves athletic ability, and increases general self-confidence.

The Workout of the Day will be enough to help most clients reach their goals. But for those clients that may want to do a little bit more, Hit & Run offers different programs that they can use in order to help them achieve their goals.

These classes are the bread and butter of our CrossFit gym. Clients that attend these classes regularly and workout with a relatively high intensity will absolutely get fit.

Each of these classes are run by a qualified coach and are structured to get clients in and out of the gym in one hour. These workouts are well programmed, effective, and, along with adequate nutrition practices, will help most clients meet their fitness related goals.

 Class hours

  • Class hours are listed under the schedule tab for each individual location

Three endurance workouts are programmed weekly and are available to Hit & Run clients via the Wodify app. These endurance workouts can be performed in addition to WODs without interfering with the rest of the week’s training. In addition to increasing endurance, they improve cardiovascular health and burn extra calories.

⚬ Typically, if there is enough space, athletes can perform these endurance workouts during posted class times. Be sure to speak with the coach of the class you are attending about doing the endurance workout. Endurance workouts may also be completed during Open Gym hours.

This class will help athletes improve their weightlifting skills along with their general strength and athletic ability. Qualified coaches are present in order to help athletes learn proper weightlifting technique.

⚬ Class hours

  • Wed at 6:30pm at Triad
  • Saturday at 10am in Collierville

Our Mobility class is tailored to work on your areas that have been worked all week long and may be nagging you. We refer to the ROMWOD programming but also mix in techniques from Becoming a Supple Leopard by Dr. Kelly Starrett. We are all about trying to resolve pain, prevent injury and optimize athletic performance and we feel very strongly that many of these methods will get us there when practiced consistently at the gym AND at home.

⚬ Class hours

  • Thursdays at 9:30am in Collierville

Do you want to build your engine? Then this class is for you. Don’t know what your engine is? Don’t worry, this class is still for you and I promise that you do want to build your engine. Check out each gym’s schedule page to see what time the hustle class is offered at each location.