Workout of the Day

In teams of 3, complete 4 sets for max reps/cals of:

  • Row for Calories x 60 seconds
  • Burpee Pull Up OR  Muscle Up x 60 seconds
  • Thruster x 60 seconds
  • Rest 60 seconds

Teams get 1 erg and 1 barbell.  Team members rotate through the 3 work stations at 60 second intervals and all members rest at the same time. Post total score (calories rowed and reps completed).


When the clock hits 21:00 –

In teams of three, with one partner per station, complete as many Burpee Box Jump Over as possible in 10 minutes of:

  • Station 1 – Run 400 or Row 500m
  • Station 2 – Burpee Box Jump Over
  • Station 3 – Rest

Partners rotate when Station 1 completes the distance.

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