Warm Up

Run or Row 250m

Then 2 Rounds of:

  • Bear Crawl x 50ft
  • Supinated Ring Row x 5
  • Walking Lunge x 50ft
  • Dislocate x 10

Workout of the Day

A. 3 Sets

  • Nose to Wall HS Hold x 30-45 seconds (Shoulder Taps x 16-20)
  • Supinated Chin Over Bar Hold x 20 seconds (CTB if possible – accumulate time if needed)
  • Double Under x max reps in 30 seconds

B. Alt TGU x 20 – smooth and steady

C. In teams of 2, partners alternate full rounds to complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 10 minutes of:

  • Power Clean x 5 (135/95)
  • Burpee over the Bar x 7

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