Warm Up

In teams of 2, partners will work together to complete 3 rounds each of:

Round 1- Partner A – Hold the bottom of the Squat while Parnter B runs or rows 250m – Then switch roles
Round 2 – Partner A will hold FLR or a Nost to Wall HS Hold while Parnter B runs/rows 250m – Then switch
Round 3 – Parnter A will hang from bar while Partner B runs/rows 250m – Then switch

Workout of the Day

A. 4 Sets

  • A1: Push Press x 8-10 – Rest 60 seconds
  • A2: Hollow Rocks/Hold x 20-30 seconds
  • A3: Double Under x 40-50 or max reps in 30 seconds. – Rest 60 seconds


In teams of 2, work together to complete:

  • Farmers Carry x 400m (HEAVY)
  • Row 100 Cals
  • Wallball x 100

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