I want to encourage all of our people to sign up for SOMETHING and go compete.  The are many avenues and events out there.  The Open starts in a few days, there is always a local CrossFit or Olympic Weightlifiting comp on the horizon, 5k, obstacle race, power lifting meet….. SOMETHING.  

Why?  Because you can and it is a great way to celebrate your fitness.  We train too hard to not apply our ability.  Get out and have some fun.  You just might surprise yourself.  Also, having an event on your calendar will give you more motivation and incentive to be consistent with your training and make better lifestyle decisions.
I will run the Sylamore 25K (I thought i signed up for the 50k, but somehow made an error. DARN?), The CrossFit Open, and Master’s National Weightlifting in April.  
This is what is so great about our program.  It allows me to do all of these things.  I will not win first place or even come close.  That is not why I’ll be competing.  I’m there to have fun and to push myself and take satisfaction in knowing that I gave it my all.

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