Warm Up

Row or Bike 2 minutes

  • Hang from Bar x :20-:30
  • Alternating Curtsy Lunge x 10
  • FLR x :20-:30

Workout of the Day

A. 3 Sets:

  • A1. Rope Climb x 1-2 (legless if possible)
  • A2. Alternating Lateral Ski Jump x 10-12
  • A3. L Sit x 20-30 seconds – (accumulate time if needed)

B. In teams of 3, complete the following for time:

  • Row 5,000/4,000m or Assault Bike 12,000/10,000m

*Teams may split the work any way they want. Each team is responsible for keeping a loaded barbell (135/95) off the ground. If the barbell touches the ground, then all 3 teammates must immediately perform 5 Burpees

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