We believe that nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated. We cover several aspects of nutrition in our introductory fundamentals course – from what to eat to improve your health to how to eat to optimize your performance and body composition.

We also know that there is no one size fits all when it comes to nutrition. If you are looking for more individualized guidance, ask us about individualized nutrition coaching. We have several Nutrition Coaches on staff that would be happy to help.

We have a great working relationship with a local company, Bedrock Eats and Sweets, that provides great meals, snacks, and baked goods that are all made from the best possible ingredients. This is ideal for busy people or those that don’t want to shop and cook.

How do I place an order for Bedrock Eats and Sweets?

Go here: www.bedrockeatsandsweets.com

Choose any combination of meals you like.  The meals listed will be for next week.  We post our menus Monday morning at 8am and close them Friday evening at 5pm.  This is so we can source our ingredients from local farms over the weekend.  You pick up the meals on the date listed next to the menu items at your chosen pick up location.  You may also order bulk items to be delivered next week.

Click on your cart to review your purchases and proceed to checkout.

If you’re a first time buyer you can choose to save your credit card information for future purchases.

CrossFit Hit & Run is listed as a pick up location.  All meals/bulk purchases will be delivered bynoon on the chosen day/date.

What is the deadline for ordering meals?

Fridays at 5pm

When should I expect my meals to arrive?

Meals will be delivered by noon on the chosen day/date.

If I order a week of meals, do I get them all at once?

No.  Bedrock Eats and Sweets prepares meals fresh every morning.  Those meals are delivered the same day.  This way, you get the freshest (never frozen) product available.

How much food is in each meal?

There is 8 oz of protein and a very generous portion of veggies/sides in each meal.  Check out our facebook page for pictures of meals that have been delivered for a better idea of meal size.

Where can I get food now?

The grab-and-go kiosk (purchasing instructions posted at the kiosk) at CrossFit Hit & Run locations have lots of savory and sweet items that you can take home today!