Fundamentals Course
This course is designed for anyone who would like to join one of our group classes.  Whether you have been sedentary, generally active, or are an elite athlete, our Fundamentals Course is tailored to prepare you for the technical proficiency that is a prerequisite for our CrossFit group classes. The Fundamentals Course consists of 12 group sessions that will deliver a comprehensive understanding of the movements CrossFit utilizes and will also touch on nutrition, mobility, running technique, weight lifting, gymnastic skills, and metabolic conditioning. Throughout the Course, a progressive introduction to the volume and intensity levels that are inherent in our group classes will be taught.  At the conclusion of the Course, participants will have a solid understanding of safe and efficient movement patterns and will be ready to join our group classes.

12 Course Option
This course meets every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 7:00am or 7:30 pm over a one month period (12 classes).  The first two weeks of the 12 course option are free then it is $157 for the next month of training (two more weeks of the Fundamentals Course and two weeks of regular CrossFit classes).   That is a total of six weeks of training for $157.  If you sign up the Friday before the first Monday class you get all six weeks of training for $127!

574 South Main St. Memphis, TN Shepherd Tate – 901.581.3748

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