In Workout of the Day

Warm Up

Run or Row 250m

Ankle, Hip, and Front Rack Mobility

Then 2 Rounds of:

  • Goblet Squat x 5 @ 30X1
  • Burpee Broad Jump x 3
  • Wall Walk x 1

Workout of the Day

A. 4 Sets

  • A1: Front Squat x 4-6 @ 30X1 – Rest 90 seconds
  • A2: HSPU x max reps in 45 seconds OR Nose to Wall Hold x 45 seconds – Rest 90 seconds

B. 4 Sets for max reps of:

Against a 3 minute clock:

  • Run 400m or Row 500m
  • Wallball x max reps in time remaining (20/14lbs to 10/9′ target)

Rest EXACTLY 3 minutes between. Decrease the distance of the Run/Row if needed so that it takes no longer than 2 minutes.


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