Workout of the Day

Today’s WOD


Warm Up Run 200m or Bike 400m Dynamic Squat Mobility Then, 2 Rounds: Back Squat x 10 Burpee Broad Jump x 5 Workout of the

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Workout of the Day In teams of 3, with only 1 person working at a time, complete as many rounds and reps as possible in

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Warm Up Bike 20/15 Cals Then, 2 Rounds: Wall Walk x 2-3 Ring Kip x 10 Alternating Box Step Up x 10 Workout of the

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Warm Up Row or Bike 2 minutes Then, 2 Rounds: Dislocate x 5 Good Morning x 5 OHS x 5 Box Jump Step Down x

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Warm Up Row 250m Then, 2 Rounds: Push Up Negative x 5 @ 30X1 Prisoner Good Morning x 7 Scap Pull Up x 9 Workout

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Warm Up 2 Rounds: Run 150m SA Farmers Carry x 50ft/per Bar Tap x 10 Workout of the Day A. 3 Sets: A1: Strict Pronated

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