In Workout of the Day

Warm Up

Row 250/200m

Then 2 Rounds of:

  • Squat to Stand x 3
  • Prisoner Good Morning x 5
  • Box Jump/Step Down x 7

Workout of the Day

A. 5 Sets

  • A1: Hang Power Clean (Below the Knee) x 1.1.1 – Rest 5-10 seconds between singles
  • A2: “Tall” Box Jump x 1.1.1 – Reset and Rest 2 to 3 seconds between jumps. Rest 2 minutes between sets.- Rest 2 minutes

B. 4 Sets

  • B1: Push Press x 3-4 – Rest 30 seconds
  • B2: Hollow Rocks/Hold x 30 seconds – Rest 60 seconds

C. In teams of 2, with only 1 person working at a time against a 10 minute clock, complete the following:

  • Farmers Carry x 400m (HEAVY)
  • Row for max meters in time remaining.

-only 1 person is carrying at a time. partners may switch as needed. however, every time the KB’s touch the ground is a 5 Burpee penalty for each teammate to be performed when you return from the carry before starting the row. Each team can have only 1 rower and may switch as needed.

-post your weight on the KB’s and meters rowed to the whiteboard.

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