Workout of the Day

In teams of 3, with only 1 person working at a time, complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 30 minutes of:

  • Shoulder to Overhead x 45 (115/75)
  • Bar Facing Burpee x 60
  • Pull Up x 90
  • Run 1200m (This must be performed as a 400m relay and each partner must complete a leg)

-The reps may be partitioned any way, however each movement must be completed before moving on and only one team member may be working at a time.


A. 3 Sets

  • Double Under OR Triple Under x max reps in 30 seconds
  • Handstand Hold x AMSAP OR Freestanding HSPU x max reps in 30 seconds
  • Skater Squat x 4 per

B. 3 Sets

  • (Strict Ring MU x 1 + 3 Strict Dips) x 2-3

C. Every 3 minutes, for 18 minutes:

  • Mid Thigh Hang Clean + Clean + Jerk

–Start at 60-70% of your C&J 1RM and build over the course of 6 sets.

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