We are starting a Whole Life Challenge on Jan. 11th.  Go her to sign up https://www.wholelifechallenge.com/wlcnewyear2014/teams/2900/join.  Make sure you are getting the best possible results from your training!


Warm Up

Front Rack Mobility

Then 2 Rounds

  • 5 Box Jumps
  • 10 Good Mornings
  • 15 Russian KBS



4 Sets

  • A1: Power Clean x – Rest 10 seconds between reps
  • A2: Tall Box Jumps x – Rest 5 seconds between reps
  • A3: Side Bridge x 30 seconds per – Rest 45 seconds


Every minute on the minute for 16 minutes

  • Odd Minutes – 7 Deadlift (Use a weight you can touch and go)
  • Even Minutes – 10 Burpee Over the Bar


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