Memorial Day Murph

Memorial Day is fast approaching which means we’re only a few days away from our annual Murph workout. Murph is a brutal hero workout that the CrossFit community traditionally completes every year. I have completeted and coached Murph at least once a year for the past 6 years and wanted to share some tips to

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Breaking Down our Training Block

Before I get to our training block, let me introduce CrossFit’s definition of fitness and then explain how we use that methodology in our programming at Hit & Run. CrossFit lists 10 general physical skills that define fitness. The 10 general physical skills are, Cardiovascular/respiratory endurance Stamina Strength Flexibility Power Speed Coordination Agility Balance Accuracy

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Lactic Acid. What is it and why do I think it’s making my muscles fatigued.

Let’s set the story straight up front, there is virtually no lactic acid in the human body. Yes, that includes muscles. Based on the laws of physics, and the fundamentals of metabolic biochemistry, physiology, and acid-base chemistry, lactic acid cannot be produced in living systems where the pH is regulated between 6.0 and 7.5. That

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